Tony Spencer wants to live in a world where people are free; to live an inspiring life, where people dance to their own beat and share their life experiences with others peacefully
As a gifted self-discovered writer since the early 90’s, he began his writing exploits by publishing his first book entitled, The New Me, Inc & 25 Soul Questions to Find Your Purpose in Life.  Through various independent stores and community events, the book was well-received and sold out very quickly. His current book, JoyWork, A Way of Life, is about empowering you to pursue your passion. As of 2019, Tony is working on a new book project, Life Is A Hustle, A Love Story.  Stay connected for excerpt releases and updates. Keep Pushing!
When he’s not writing and working on www.2020HUMP.com or preparing for an event, you can find him getting his health work out on at the local gym.  Further, he is always promoting the many benefits of Bitter Melon, a super-food from the indigenous parts of India.

Tony Spencer, author & inspirational speaker
JOYWORK a book about enjoying your job

You will:
Learn how to Be Your Own Role Model
Learn how to Live Courageously
Learn the Real Genesis of Wealth

JOYWORK is the work you do, even when you’re not paid for it. It’s the thing you love so much, that when you’re in it, you lose track of time. What is that for you? How do you make it your career, or at least, a big part of your life?  What difference will pursuing your passion make for you?
Become the person you intend to be, via your JOYWORK. Empower yourself to finally pursue your passion, and enhance your self-awareness by truthfully answering core questions I developed within the book.

JOYWORK is your new energy drink and will show you how to overcome any self-doubt, and do what you love. No more excuses!

  • If you know yourself, you should know your gifts/talents. To know you, you must be willing to expend a great deal of time by yourself and listening to your heart and intuition as your ultimate guide. What keeps you up? Think about what excites you. For example, writing books and sharing with others excites me. Envisioning – see yourself doing what you intend to accomplish as an important matter. See it through!


  • Daily Action Game- Plan (DAG-P) - do all the little things to help you move closer to your realistic goal. The little things add up and it matters. It’s game time every day. Just like Rihanna says, work, work, work, me haffi to work, you haffi to work to realize your goal(s). No DAG-P work, no results!

  • Along your 2020 HUMP journey (enjoy it!), seek and welcome constructive feedback by creating a HUMP Board of Trustees (1-3 people). These should be people you trust and value their opinion. We all need guidance. Let them know you want the truth, even if it hurts. Digest the feedback, and be on your way. Remember, anything is possible! Otherwise, why do it? ​

2020 HUMP


The perfect time to Hustle is now. In life, no one will give you anything; you must earn it through your Hustle. If you want it, you must go for it. Go get it! You have a gift/talent and then some. Why not get the most out of your life through your abilities?  Seize your moment because it is not permanent.   Do not allow your gifts/talents to go to waste, ending in the grave with you.  Living to exist is no way to live.


For those that are executing their hustle, good on you.  Conversely, for those who need some encouragement, get your butt in motion. How, you may ask?  Well, through the 2020 HUMP.  From this day forward, you have up to the year 2020 to accomplish whatever realistic goals you set for yourself.  Take this plan serious.  If not, STOP!  Do not read any further, go bullshit somewhere else.

2020 HUMP