joy work, book about enjoying your career



JOYWORK is the work you do, even when you’re not paid for it.  It’s the thing you love so much, that when you’re in it, you lose track of time.  What is that for you?  How do you make it your career, or at least, a big part of your life?  What difference will pursuing your passion make for you?


Become the person you intend to be, via your JOYWORK.  Empower yourself to finally pursue your passion, and enhance your self-awareness by truthfully answering core questions I developed within the book. 


You will:


  • Learn how to Be Your Own Role Model

  • Learn how to Live Courageously

  • Learn the Real Genesis of Wealth


JOYWORK is your new energy drink, and will show you how to overcome any self-doubt, and do what you love.  No more excuses!



[ISBN 978-1-4675-2636-4]



[ISBN 978-0-9846516-9-6]